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20 Fun Dating Activities For Parents With Kids

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I can’t fully stress the need for dating in marriage and the importance of them to keep the relationship healthy, strong, and going.

It also keeps the stress levels low as the demands of raising children can become so overwhelming sometimes that you do need periods of relationship rejuvenation to keep things going strong as you journey through life.

Even if it’s just for an hour or two, pencil the date and times in and make sure to have it at least once a week to every other week depending on the family obligations.

I know that sometimes when the cost of a babysitter is high or family or friends are not available to watch the kids, you can do “swap night” with another family (eg. trusted neighbor or friends).

They can babysit while you hang out and vice versa. This keeps the cost of a sitter super low as well and the kids get to hang out with people they already know. What are your suggestions?

Are you planning on doing any dating activities with your partner? What are your concerns? Let me know. Please feel free to share your own experiences or ask your questions or concerns below. I will be happy to help you!

1. Painting/paint night

Paint night is a fun activity that can be done with couples on a night out together. It involves actually painting a picture with an instructor showing you how to do it. It is fun and interactive for both you and your partner to do together.

2. Ballroom dancing

Ballroom dancing is actually fun and romantic. I did it prior to getting married for a first dance and found it to be quite an enjoyable session. I thought what better way to engage with your spouse on date night than actually attending dancing lessons and having fun while doing it. You can both see who has better dancing skills as well.

3. ice skating or skiing

If you have never tried ice skating or skiing and you are up for some adventure, I would suggest giving this experience a try. If you have never done skating before in your life, I know it may be intimidating but it’s worth trying and learning because it is so much fun doing it together as a couple.

4. picnic at a park or sunset at a beach

A picnic may be overrated to some, but I still do think it is a nice activity to do as a couple. Packing something refreshing and going for a picnic at a park, beach, or anywhere that is available can be something fun for both spouses to do as well.

My husband and I love going to picnics at the beach just to go watch the sunset. We did that a lot before we had kids and it somehow dwindled a bit after, but it is not an excuse to not get back into the habit of enjoying each other at the beach.

5. Nature trail at a local park

We have done a nature trail at a local park as a family before and it was so much fun. What better way than to go with your spouse as well and try seeing whose navigation skills are better.

I definitely know that my husband’s navigation skill is far better than mine because I got lost trying to figure out how to get back to point A, and he just says go this way, and surprisingly enough he is right on target.

6. Horseback riding

Horseback riding can be so much fun, especially when done as a couple. It is really engaging to see you both riding on a horse and enjoying the nature trail or scenery as you go along. It is so much fun and you do get time to bond together in another unique way.

7. kayaking/canoeing

This is another activity that you can definitely do as a couple. It is a fun water sport activity that can really help with communication and engagement as a couple.

Be reminded that it takes a lot of teamwork to do this activity and to prevent the kayak from toppling over altogether. Something as couples we really need to work on in our relationship.

8. Boat ride/night cruise

Boat rides and night cruises are popular in Florida and New York. They are fun to do and involves going on a 2 to 3 or more hours excursion on a boat or small ship out on the water.

Some may mix up the fun with music and dancing. It’s worth the try if it’s available in your city.

9. Zip-lining

I have done this activity before and I must admit it is scary but super fun at the same time. If you are on the adventurous side, you should try this. Ziplining through trees is exciting and engaging. It can also be a time for encouragement for some spouses who may not be on the adventurous side.

10. couples massage

A nice couples massage is always something fun to do together. It is a time of relaxation for both of you to enjoy together. This activity never gets old and can be enjoyed by both at any time in life. It is a nice activity to do especially in more stressful seasons of parenting.

11. art museum

Visiting art museums is actually a fun and engaging activity to do as a couple. Spending time visiting museums can really help to stimulate visual and more engaging conversations with your spouse.

12. theme park

Theme park without the kids is actually quite fun. My husband and I went alone and we had so much fun just being kids again and hitting the baby rides (not the rollercoasters!) and doing food excursions together. If you are in for the adventure, you can be sure to try this activity.

13. Paintball

Paintball is actually a fun activity to do. It’s on the adventurous side as well but it is a great way to get out all the frustrations of parenting on the field and just have a ball of fun together.

It really helps to put the laughter and the spark back into any relationship. I did paintball before and had so much fun. I definitely recommend it.

14. mini road trip

Ok so you may not be able to leave all your kids for a really long road trip, but a mini one would do. Why not try for a quick half-day trip to another nearby city, town, or state and then make visits to their popular sites or historic neighborhood? You may never know what you can discover about each other on a road trip.

15. Escape Rooms

I have not done escape rooms, but I have heard about them and would love to try one. So if you have tried it before, you can probably relate better than I do, but I will put it down on my bucket list of activities that I will definitely do for date night. When I have accomplished it I will let you know.

16. Nascar Car racing

If you are in for an adventure as a couple, or you are the adventurous type, here is an activity that is worth a try. It will sure to provide you with an adrenaline rush that will remind you of the previous years. Why not try it out and do let me know about your experience.

I have gone with my hubby before to do the activity but I was the one cheering and he was the one driving. Not as adventurous as he is sorry, but we had so much fun during the experience. I laughed so much at him being overlapped by other drivers 10 times before he even got to the finish line haha!

17. Camping/Hiking trip

If you are a couple that likes the outdoors, then why not go camping out together, even if it’s in your backyard. Yes and even if you’re not the camping type like myself, why not give it a try, you may end up liking the escape away together for a date night after all.

18. Historic places

Explore historic places like an old city in your town or another neighborhood town. There is always something to find in these old cities that may be interesting or unique. You may never know what you can find on these visits. It will definitely add some mystery to your time together.

19. Corn maize or strawberry field

Find a local corn maze or explore a strawberry field for more adventure. It is something different and fun for both of you to do. It is engaging and opens up for more conversations along the way.

20. cooking course

If you are open to learning something new while bonding with your spouse then I would recommend doing a cooking class. You can either invite a local chef to your home or go out to a local restaurant that facilitates cooking classes.

Whatever your preference, it is sure a fun activity to do together and also to enjoy what you both have prepared. If on the low-budget end then you can just do it yourself without the chef. Get a recipe, gather the ingredients, and then have a blast preparing and enjoying it together.

Overall I do hope that you have found one or more date ideas that you can try to change up your dating scenario a bit with your spouse.

It is a wonderful way to put back the spark into any relationship. Finding the time may be hard for you, but some do offer a bit of flexibility, especially with kids.

See which one will work for your family. However, do make an effort to continually date your spouse. It really helps to reduce the stress that comes with parenting. Hope you enjoyed this post.

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