I Am Who God Says I Am: always be Inspired to live the life god has planned for you

I am who God says I am book

Have you ever questioned your life’s purpose and mission? Do you always feel like there is something more for you to do, however you have not quite gotten to the specifics of it as yet?

This book was written to inspire you to live life in your own “purpose” and “destiny” that God had intended for you to live outside of society’s norm.

I hope that by reading this book, you will be challenged to take up your hidden gifts and talents and explore them with God.

I am the writer of my own story as told by God! You can also be the writer of your own story.


A Balanced Life: Moving from a dysfunctional life to a purposeful one

A balanced Life book

Most of us believe what the Bible says about having an “abundant life” superficially. We know it’s mentioned in the Bible several times, but do we truly believe that it’s God’s will for us?

If that’s you, I want you to take a look at your own life. Are you truly living a purposeful, abundant life? Or are you currently settling with a dysfunctional life: A life that is broken and not God’s best for you?

I am here to share insights about understanding where you are in life now and how to get to a more peaceful and balanced life that’s God’s best for you.