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Raising kids in a society that places a hefty price tag on education is really daunting. Have you ever thought about how expensive everything is when it comes to education for your children? We have even started a college savings accounts for our kids from after birth, just so that they don’t have to get hit with the cost of student loans like we both did as parents.

It can be quite frightening and especially even considering having more children in this society that places a high cost on education. So how do we as parents maneuver these expenses to our benefit and try to reduce costs where necessary?

I will list a few of the programs that I have used before that have helped me to save greatly on some education costs.

The key to getting started is to do a “Google” search of all the educational resources available to you at the school, county, state, or even nationwide. Another idea is to also get plugged into mom’s groups that can also provide that information for you.

Are you currently concerned about the cost of educational resources for families? Please feel free to add to my list or ask your questions or concerns below. I would be happy to help you!

Local Children’s board

Check with your community whether or not there is a local community Children’s Board. Most may have these locations already available, however, you may think that it’s just for low-income families and that you may not qualify.

Well, I am here to tell you as a member of my local Children’s board that, it’s not the case. They provide MANY programs for every family regardless of income status. I have brought my kids to math and sight word programs, free tutoring programs, and even programs that offer scholarships for camp in the summer.

I definitely recommend that you check them out to see what programs are available and how they can help your child with what they may need.

My local Children’s Board can be found at the Children’s Board of Hillsborough County.

Math Mania program at local Children's Board.

Government programs

The government provides a lot of different scholarships whether funded through the state or the school.

I recently just came across a program called Step Up For Students that provides scholarships for children who may have learning difficulties or even programs for kids who are being bullied in school.

The program benefits students in grades K-5 by providing families with access to an education savings account (ESA) of $500 to pay for programs and materials designed to boost reading skills.

Therefore, if for instance, you have a child who is struggling to read or rather has a low reading score in school, they can get a $500 scholarship that can provide funds for tutoring, or pay for programs or material needed to boost reading skills.

We are quite aware of how much tutoring cost these days, especially if needed for kids who are struggling at school to keep up. We are also aware of the drop in the education system as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore any free help is good help, especially in these times.

They also offer scholarships for kids with unique abilities and so much more. Visit their website at Step up for Students.

Non-for-profit organizations

There are so many not-for-profit organizations available for kids that you may not have been aware of before.

I was for instance able to team up with an organization that provided me with tutoring services for both of my children free of cost for a year. That really helped me as a mom, especially having to homeschool for almost 2 years as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tutoring for those of you who aren’t quite familiar with the costs is at a minimum $40 an hour. They received this service for free for a year. A huge saving for me and they were able to be caught up with school, especially during that time.

There are always programs being advertised locally at mom events in cities. That’s the best place to attend to get access to these programs. I remember attending kids learning programs at the zoo and they gave out brochures for educational programs for kids there. So, they can be found easily if you search in your area.

Here is a list of several I have joined since my kids were little, that is in the Tampa area

They supported them by offering many resources, such as tutoring services, books, reading materials, school supplies, etc. They also had fun programs for kids throughout with back-to-school and Christmas programs.

University program

Yes, some universities offer programs for kids that can help with learning. One of these for example is the University of Florida. This university offers a reading program for kids who are not yet at grade reading level.

They provide them with free books and reading resources for Florida K-5 public, or charter schools throughout the school year. They also provide families with practical, supporting materials that build reading confidence.

You can find the New Worlds Reading program here.

This is only for Florida residents, but do check what your state has available by researching through google or joining your local mom’s groups.

Mom groups or networks

I love joining local mom groups, especially when they have programs available for families. They are the first group to look to when trying to find educational resources for your families. Who best knows what’s needed than your local moms or mom groups nationwide?

I have attended several events hosted by mom bloggers or mom networks. Examples of these are:

Both programs provide plenty of information about various educational programs available to you.

Moms Meet host seminars yearly that brings guest on to talk about various things that your child may need to help them succeed in school.

The Local Mom’s Network helps you to connect with moms as a way of networking and providing support and resources you may need for your family.


The library has evolved! Have you noticed it, or is it just me? I no longer go to the library just to read books. I have gone there since my kids were toddlers to do their reading programs and any available activities they have for kids.

My youngest has benefited so much from this at an early age that now he is an avid reader with a 2nd-grade reading level since pre-school. It’s worth plugging into these programs at the library to get your kids engaged and excited about reading.

Did you know that they also offer tutoring services and other learning services free of charge? Yes, they do! At least at my local library. So, if your child needs extra help with any class he is struggling with, check with your library first for what resources are available to help them to succeed.

My local library offers free programs in the Tampa area:

Getting books to read as a member of the library.

Sports team

There are some sports teams that really help to foster learning from an early age. They sponsor programs for learning and try to encourage kids of all ages to invest in their education.

The sports team’s program that we have plugged into is the Tampa Bay Rays baseball team. They have reading programs available that offer free tickets to baseball games as an incentive to foster reading in kids.

My kids have done this program for two years during the summer and are always excited about getting the chance to attend free games as well.

For more information visit, Reading with the Rays.


children’s museum

The children’s museum also offers learning programs for kids that are educational and will help them to learn as they grow. One such museum that I have been a part of is the Glazer Children’s Museum. Outside of our visit to the museum, they also have educational programs with activities that help your child to learn and develop. This actually takes place in our community and is also located throughout the area.

Both my sons have done their Learn and Play sessions both online and in person since they were toddlers. The programs are FREE to join, and the bonus is that you can receive FREE tickets to visit their museum as well.

You can check out their programs at Learn and Play Tampa Bay if you’re located in the Tampa Bay area. If not, then I would definitely research these programs at your local children’s museums.

Learn and play program by Glazer Children's Museum

School Programs

There are programs at the schools that your child may attend that are also available to help with learning. Schools may have programs associated with the county for getting kids enrolled in speech or other supportive services and programs that can be provided as long as it’s needed.

These programs are ESE (Exceptional Student Education Program) programs for children needing extra support in areas that they may be struggling with. Services can be for speech, behavioral, and classroom support if qualified.

The program is FREE of cost and can really help to reduce the financial burden of parents needing this support, but having to pay out of pocket or having large deductibles through insurance providers.

This is available for Hillsborough county. However, check with your local School Board to see what’s programs are available and if you qualify based on your child’s particular needs.

Visit their website at Hillsborough County Public Schools for more information.

Overall, I have listed several places that you can work with, in order to get FREE educational resources for your kids. If you are aware of others, please do share and I will update this list as I go.

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Did you find the strategies listed in this article helpful? What were some of your favorite tips? How have they worked for you? Leave a comment below, I’d love to know what you think.

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