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How To Start A Podcast

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I don’t like the word, “I can’t”. I rather learn what is required to do something than not do anything at all because I believed that I can’t do it because of anything like financial reasons or even just a fear of trying something totally different and new.

Yes, I agree, that can be scary especially if you’re not used to doing things outside of your comfort zone. However, I also do believe that once you step outside of your comfort zone, anything becomes possible.

So for those of you who have felt the need to start a podcast at some point in your life but probably shied away from it, let’s just understand two things. You can go after your dreams even in the midst of fear and you can accomplish your dreams regardless of the constraints you have.

So let’s get started on how to start a podcast, which you can also check off your to-do list. I will show you how simply you can get this done in no time, without all the fancy equipment.

Have you always wanted to start a podcast but felt afraid or didn’t know how to do it? Please feel free to add to my list, or ask your questions below. I would be happy to help you!

“Starting a podcast can be done with no money upfront and is a great way to spread your message on a global stage.”

What is your podcast about?

The first step to getting your podcast started is to actually know what it is you want to talk about or rather, what is your message to the world.

What are you fond of? What do you get excited to talk about? Have you written a book? There are so many things that you can be passionate about that can be done on a podcast show.

For example, my podcast was created to help others to find their purpose and calling and to go after that dream wholeheartedly. I am naturally an encourager and as such my podcast is centered on me encouraging others to get up, step outside their comfort zone, and to go after their dreams.

I’m fond of that topic so that I can talk about it for hours on end. That’s another way to determine what you can find to talk about for hours that you’re also passionate about.

Let’s understand this. If you want to do this for a long time and not just for a quick thing, you will have to want to speak about your topic consistently.

So before you get into the details of things, first learn about yourself and your passions and why you would love to start a podcast.

Outline Your Podcast

If you are ready and committed to starting a podcast, the next thing to do is to create a general outline of your show.

Write what your show is about, the audience you plan to speak to, and ideas for the first few episodes you would like to start with (preferably the first three episodes so that you can post these on launch day)

The next thing to do is to write down or have an outline of what will be discussed during each podcast episode. Now, remember also a podcast can be like an interview-type podcast, where you can also invite guests to speak. With that as well, have general ideas of questions you want to ask your guest.

My podcast is a solo project. I don’t have guests appearing on my show. Therefore I will write down exactly what I need to say so that it flows smoothly and you can understand the topic I have to talk about.

Find an aggregator to host your podcast

As soon as you have gotten an outline done and you’re ready to get started with your podcast, the next thing to do is to start creating the audio for your podcast.

Now there are many youtube videos that will go through details on how to get this part accomplished. However, I will give you the tools that I used that helped me to get my podcast going right away.

I first downloaded the Anchor app from Spotify which is a podcast directory that I used to host my podcast.

Anchor allows me to record my audio directly from my phone. Now that made it so much quicker and easier for me to get the podcast started. Now be reminded that you will also see more technical information about microphones and audio sound quality software. But to be honest with you, I didn’t have the time to get too much into the technical details and I still did fine getting what I needed to get from the resources that I already have.

The Anchor app by the way is FREE. You can download it right away and start creating podcast audio from it. Be reminded my podcast is a solo project. Therefore more research about how to get multiple persons on your podcast is required.

With the FREE Anchor app, you can record right away and also add background music, do a trailer video if you like and so many more features that are easy to add. Once that is done and you have recorded your audio, the podcast channel will provide an RSS feed for your podcast that you can now use to send your podcast to the other podcast directory easily, without having to download them individually to every platform.

Anchor once again automatically sends the episodes to every platform you select, once you add the RSS feed from their platforms to Anchor. The only thing to do is to sign up for the hosting directories you want to use, upload the anchor RSS feed to their platform, copy their RSS feed, and place it back on Anchor for distribution of your podcast and also to send ongoing episodes as they become available.

The directories I have signed up for include:

There are so many others to choose from depending on your audience and their preferred choice of podcast directory.

Design a podcast cover

Make sure to design a podcast cover for your podcast which will have the name of your podcast and a brief description of what it is about. You can also add your name and make it unique to you and your brand.

Now I’m gifted when it comes to designing my own graphics. That’s just me! So I don’t really need to outsource this to someone to do. That cuts down on my cost for starting this podcast.

However, if you are not so tech savvy when it comes to doing your own graphic design then you can use software like Canva that has plenty of already done templates available for you to use right away to get started. Canva is also FREE to use, and therefore you can get cover art done right away.

You can also pay for Canva if you are also into creating social media images for marketing your podcast as well. The premium version of Canva is also affordable to use and uncovers more features available on the app. This is my all-time go-to for anything graphic design related.

Now, this is just a start. You can also hire graphic designers to create your cover art from sites such as Fiverr, Upwork, and others. You know yourself and what you desire about your podcast and brand. Make the best decision for you with the many options available.

launch your podcast

Now that you have recorded your podcast audios, and written your description for your podcast show, it’s now time to launch your podcast. My suggestion first and foremost is to make sure that you already have at least three episodes available for your listeners to “binge” listen to as they get excited about your podcast show.

The next thing that is also great to do is a tailored video which I mentioned earlier to get others also excited about your podcast. You can first use this trailer to announce your show on various social media channels. This can be done on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and wherever your listeners are found.

Canva is once again my go-to for creating social media images that I use to showcase my podcast on various platforms.

Market your podcast

Now that you have your podcast up and available on the directories of your choice, the fun doesn’t end here. You have to continually market your podcast to the listeners so that they can find your show and tune in to it.

Marketing your podcast make involve:

  • Posting video clips on social media weekly about what’s happening on the various episodes
  • Posting to social media groups on Facebook (Be sure to check for group policies about adding outside links)
  • Posting on your blog, Facebook page, and other areas that you have created for your podcast.
  • Posting on Pinterest, Youtube, Twitter, or even TikTok.

Enjoy The Journey

You have finally started your Podcast! Now don’t get too frustrated or caught up in the numbers game. Enjoy the success of actually getting a podcast started and be proud of that accomplishment.

Remember it takes time to build anything and the more persistent you are with your podcast journey, the better it will get with time.

Also, be reminded that you don’t have to buy all the fancy equipment at the beginning. With time, you can choose to invest in yourself and your podcast and get the fancy gadgets you need. My goal for this blog was to get you to start and to show you how easy it is to do so without all the other more complicated things needed.

For more of my how-to-start blog posts visit:

Did you find the strategies listed in this article helpful? What were some of your favorite tips? How have they worked for you? Leave a comment below, I’d love to know what you think.

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