Budget-friendly Ways To Save On Kids Activities
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Budget-friendly Ways To Save On Kids Activities

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I don’t know if you feel the same way I do, but let’s confess, kids’ activities can get quite pricey if you ask me. So I’m always up for the challenge of finding ways to save on kids’ activities.

I am also always up for adventures with my boys as I have decided to create the memories I can with them before they get to the age where they don’t want to even be seen with me in public (Nah my kids would not do that!).

So here are a few budget-friendly ways to save on kids’ activities that you can do with your kids as they grow, because let’s confess these activities can get pricey, and we want to be able to save as well for other things that our family may need.

What are some ways that you too save on kid’s activities? I would love to hear about them. Please feel free to share your own experiences or ask your questions or concerns below. I will be happy to help you!

“Finding budget friendly ways to save on kids activities will be beneficial in the long run!

1. Free Admission

Look for FREE admission deals first before deciding on an activity to do. Most children’s museums, events, or activities may offer free admission to a particular age group or even free admission during a certain time of the month.

We were able to attend a popular children’s museum in our area for free on a weekday, especially during the summer and winter months (no school days), and saved up to $50 on admission.

First, do a search of the museums that you want to visit and look at their specials or deals section to see if any programs are available for free admission.

2. anniversary Saving Events

Anniversary saving events are the best time to visit attractions, especially theme parks. Most theme parks will offer huge savings and specials around this time so that you can save so much money on the cost of admission.

Most anniversary savings events will even offer free admission to everyone as a way to celebrate. This actually happened at our children’s museum!

3. Look for deals with businesses

Another way to find activities for kids on a budget is to look for deals posted with individual organizations or companies.

An example is Bank of America. Did you know that they offer free admission to museums every first weekend of the month? Once you are a Bank of America customer you can get admissions to free museums across America.

That is a really great way to save on admission!

Fast-food restaurants also may occasionally offer discounted tickets to theme parks or local city attractions. Burger King, Wendy’s, and Publix are popular with these types of deals.

4. Free admission for preschool or school-age

Some parks offer FREE admission to kids under a certain age group. It’s not only for the 3-years and younger age groups who most times get free access to theme parks or museums.

Some theme parks and museums also offer free yearly preschool or school-age admission to the 4 to 6 age group.

This can tremendously help save on tickets. So far we have been able to get yearly passes for Bush Gardens and Legoland. Here is a website called Hip2save that shows a list of all the 19 parks in the U.S. that offers free admission to preschoolers.

Free preschool admission to Busch Gardens

5. Reading Programs

Reading programs are a great way to snag some free tickets to local events. They are mostly offered in the summer or sometimes throughout the school year. The incentives however are amazing.

My kids both received 2 free tickets each to a Tampa Bay Rays baseball game. That definitely saved us a lot on admission and we were able to splurge on the food at the stadium.

Check out my blog post on 10 Fun Activities To Do With Kids for more inspiration.

Reading with the Rays summer program

6. Annual passes

Annual passes are by far the best way to save money on theme parks and museum admission. Annual passes usually cost sometimes even less than a day pass to top museums.

Also as residents of a particular state, there are even more discounted tickets offered at a much lower price for yearly visits.

Annual passes actually pay for themselves after 2 to three visits. Also, they offer free or discount admission to other museums as well which is a winner in my book.

7. children’s board or local Children’s Organization

Many of you may not be aware of this depending on where you live, but there are so many resources available to families that offer free admission to camps, swimming lessons, etc. for kids.

Most places do not require proof of income. They offer free programs in general to any family.

I love to visit my local children’s board to do free programs with kids whenever I can. It helps them to learn new activities and also to engage with a diverse amount of children.

Free swimming program by the Children's Board

8. Discount Apps

This is my “cheat sheet”. Before I go on any activity, I have to first do my research. I check my apps such as Groupon or Living Social to find if there is anything available at a discount before I choose the activity.

I have been able to save soo much off of the price of admission this way.

We went on a dolphin and ice cream boat tour after purchasing discounted tickets on Groupon that saved us up to $20 off the admission price.

Dolphins and ice cream boat tour.

9. Library

This may not be available at every library but “did you know that you can get free admission passes through your local library?

Well yes, you can. They are actually one of the first places to check for local deals. The only catch sometimes is the long waitlist for access to the event or activity, but add your name to the list, forget about it, and then when the opportunity comes, just enjoy the free event access.

10. Local family groups

I love to join or follow local groups on social media or around my neighborhood. They often times post about their events and also any free events or programs being offered weekly. This way I am always aware of fun activities to do locally.

I was able to attend many free or discounted events this way by following local groups.

Overall I do hope that you have found many budget-friendly ways to save on kids activities with your family.

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Did you find the strategies listed in this article helpful? What were some of your favorite tips? How have they worked for you? Leave a comment below, I’d love to know what you think.

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