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7 Tips For Working From Home With Kids

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Are you currently planning to transition to working from home and possibly with the kids? I know that prior to covid-19, that scenario may have looked a little bit different. However post covid-19, I have seen a transition with many families to the possibility of working from home with kids. Some may have transitioned the kids back to school while some may have decided to continue working from home while the kids are at home.

Nevertheless, working from home depends on the type of job that is required to be accomplished while at home. A more flexible job that would allow time for frequent breastfeeding for example with a newborn may be possible, but a job that requires a time clock scenario may not be a suitable job to do while kids are present.

In my experience of working from home as a mom, the best scenario is to be flexible especially if you have the younger kids with you. Anything else is going to really become a bit challenging to keep a balance between your work and your children.

Therefore, here are 7 tips for working from home while raising kids.

Have you also found any ideas that you could share? Please feel free to add to my list, or ask your questions or concerns below. I would be happy to help you!

“It is therefore important with all work from home situations, to ensure that flexibility is available.”

1. Flexibility in schedule

Flexibility in your schedule is a must when considering working from home, especially with a newborn.

A typical employee in this scenario may be required to be logged on the computer and showing proof of productivity while doing so.

This will limit your ability to take care of a newborn while working from home unless you can work night hours while dad may be able to take care of the baby. It is therefore important with all work-from-home situations, to ensure that flexibility is available.

That may entail you working without much interruption when the baby takes a nap or goes to sleep at night. If the work requirements, however, involve you being logged on for a set period of time like a 9 to 5, then that situation will be less favorable with a newborn or even smaller kids.

2. Have a set routine

Having a set routine is key to getting work accomplished while at home.

For example, if productivity is a major key in your job description, then having a routine schedule is definitely a must! The first goal is to get your newborn on a schedule. The earlier you establish this the better it will be later on.

Babies actually thrive more when a routine is established, than having no routine at all. It also helps to create a smoother environment for the transition from activities of play, rest, meal-time, etc.

The sooner you establish this routine, the easier it will be for you to work in between the baby’s schedule with fewer interruptions.

3. Organization

Being organized is key to becoming more effective as a work-from-home mom. Organization sets the stage for great productivity, especially with kids around. Get tools that can help to make the organization easier for you.


Planners offer a great way to keep organized as busy moms. The more organized you become, the better it is for you to manage your time well and get more work accomplished.

There are different planners available for day-to-day plans (Mommy Inspired Daily Planner), meal preparation (Mommy Inspired Meal Planner), home organization, etc that you can purchase from my website! I do hope that they will inspire you.

Post-it notes

Post-it notes, for example, are ideal for jotting down reminders, lists of things to be done, tasks, etc.

For Post-It Notes, get different colors so that you can personalize them to specific activities, for instance, blue for work/business related, red for grocery/shopping, etc. Have a few stacks around as well so that you can have reminders readily available to get your day going.

4. Working shifts with dad

If there is flexibility in both schedules, then working from home can be accomplished with Dad’s or older sibling’s help as well. Depending on the time requirements, mom can watch the kids during the day and switch to working in the evening hours or vice versa. Whatever may work for you, and also depending on the flexibility of the schedule.

If both also work at the same time, then alternating lunch breaks and mini-breaks can open up time to check on the kids, etc. Take a look at your situation and make the best possible adjustment to facilitate your working schedule and hours, while at home.

Another great idea is to get up earlier in the mornings before the kids awake to get halfway through the workday, take a lunch break for breakfast with the kids, or Dad can do that task, then ending work earlier so that you can prepare for dinner and get to bed on time to maximize on sleep needed.

5. Having items that can help

Make sure to have items that can help you to transition with work-from-home responsibilities.

For example for babies and toddlers, have a play yard/ playpen, rocking chair, and diaper changer. For older kids, have a workstation with activities for them to do, so that it keeps you focused on your work responsibilities, while they are being entertained or doing school-related activities.

Make sure to have this organized before taking on the responsibility of working from home with kids.

6. Have a work environment

Do have a work environment or space that is dedicated only for work to be done, for example, a home office or loft area. Do not in any way try to do work in your living room or bedroom. The more you establish a work environment scenario typical to that outside, the better your productivity will be. Your environment will also foster good work ethics.

7. Time management

Time management is key in the working world and should be the same in the home environment. We all have priorities in our life. However, we also have formulated some that are not as important as we may have thought. Time management is essential in a work-from-home environment.

You make think that this is impossible, but it is necessary in order to maximize your time and effectiveness especially while working with kids. Here is an example: Many times we say that we do not have time to prepare meals etc. You can make the time adjustments necessary, especially with children at home. Look at areas in your schedule that can be adjusted to reduce time wasted.

For example, If you have to start working at 8 am in the morning, but you have to make breakfast for the kids before you start, why not prepare meals the night before so that you can get started earlier at work on time and be able to stick to your schedule with less rush with the kids.

There are so many easy or convenient meals available that are so simple to prepare and hey for the budget-friendly moms will definitely save you a lot of money.

But the key here is that you are cutting back on the time you take to prepare meals throughout the day which will cut into your work schedule. Even if your job is flexible, I do suggest sticking to a schedule as well so that you can maximize your time and productivity efforts.

When you do take a lunch break, you can have it with your kids at the same time as well. Or if they are independent, then that means time to relax or read a book before getting back to work.

Working from home with kids can be done

Overall, taking on the challenge of working from home with kids may seem overwhelming and impossible at first, however, it can be done if you take the time to make the necessary adjustments suggested and implementing changes along the way to tweak your schedule.

Did you find the strategies listed in this article helpful? What were some of your favorite tips? How have they worked for you? Leave a comment below, I’d love to know what you think.

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