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10 Fun Activities To Do With Kids

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I love adventure! I am an “outdoorsy” person for the most part. My go-to place for relaxation is the beach. So is my family. We are the typical “beach bums”, adventurous type of family. We love to explore and find fun activities to do with kids especially when we get the time to do so.

My husband and I were already the “adventurous type” before we had children. We loved going bike riding, ice skating, kayaking, ziplining, etc. It was just something we loved doing together as a couple.

When the kids came along we thought that it would be great to continue our love for adventure with them.

So here are a few of my favorite fun activities to do with kids. Let me know what you think?

What are some of the activities, that you like to do as a family? I would love to hear about them. Please feel free to share your own experiences or ask your questions or concerns below. I will be happy to help you!

“It’s a great way for families to bond and spend much more time together.”

1. Beach Hopping

As I mentioned earlier, we are your typical “beach bums”! That is our happy place as a family. We love to explore different beaches around our neighborhood and even on our travels elsewhere.

It’s not just about going to the beach for us. It’s more about exploring the different types of beaches and the unique opportunities that each beach has to offer.

We have a bucket list of beach exploration to cover. Our goal as a family is to visit a different beach each time and to find our all-time favorite spot.

So if you are in for an adventure, I suggest beach hopping with your family so that you can create beautiful memories for a lifetime.

For the places that may not have an option to beach hop as we do in Florida find a similar activity, such as park hopping, nature trails hopping, mountain hiking hopping, etc.

2. Inline skating/ice skating

I did say that we are an adventurous family. My husband and I already know how to skate, so we have been teaching our kids how to do so as well. They have attended skating classes at a local skating gym in order to learn how to skate on their own.

It has been fun for the most part minus the falls I have to watch here and there as they learn. Once they are more confident in their abilities, however, then they will be able to go on more skating adventures with us.

I like to look for skating parks or rinks around the neighborhood that can create a bit of an explorative adventure for us. In the winter, we definitely like checking out local ice-skating pop-up rinks to mix things up a bit.

Learning to skate as a fun activity to do with kids

3. trampoline gyms

Another favorite activity of ours as a family is to go to the trampoline gym.

There is so much you can do at this place. Whether it is jumping around, playing dodgeball, basketball, ziplining, etc. It is something fun for the entire family to enjoy together.

Family day at a trampoline gym.

4. Visit local events

There is always something to do around our neighborhood. Whether it is to visit a music event, an expo, a local fair, food festival, etc. We like to find activities that are right in our backyard and explore them.

It’s so easy to find an event by just doing a general Google search of what’s happening this week near to us. Google will show us all the events for the week and then we will decide which ones would be exciting or fun for us to do.

Back to school local event.

FYI: Around Christmas time we like to actually find houses around our neighborhood that are on display for families to visit to see Christmas lights.

We jump in our car, grab some of our favorite hot chocolate drinks, play Christmas carols, and hit the neighborhood homes. This is one of our all-time favorite traditions to do as a family during Christmas.

5. nature trail at a local park

We love to do hiking at a nature trail, whether in the woods or at a local park. It is something inexpensive but totally fun to do as a family. This is my dilemma, I am not good at navigation, so I tend to get lost sometimes. However, luckily for me, my husband is quite the opposite.

So I am the explorer and he is the navigator. Teamwork! But it is so much fun walking around and exploring so many different parts of nature together.

We have yet to make it to a camping trip but it is definitely on our family bucket list.

6. Horseback riding

Horseback riding with my 4 and 6-year-old was amazing! We had so much fun as a family on this adventure. I highly recommend it for any family wanting to explore a different activity. I was amazed at how well my boys did on this adventure. They loved it and had no issues whatsoever.

It is definitely something fun to do as a family and I can guarantee that you will love it, especially with your family.

7. kayaking/canoeing

This is another activity that you can definitely do as a family. I love kayaking and find it a great sport to do when looking for new adventures.

The kids are learning how to swim in order to be more confident in and around water. Once they are ready, we will be sure to explore this activity together as a family.

If you are interested in teaching your kids how to swim, check out my blog post on the Benefits Of Teaching Your Child How To Swim

8. Boat rides

I love boat rides or tours as fun activities to do with kids! Especially the ones that you can bring your kids on.

Boat rides are popular in Florida, especially around the beach areas. We have visited a few boat rides that are so much fun, especially for kids.

Our favorite is the Dolphin/ice cream boat rides that are mostly on the beaches. They are usually 1 to 2 hours long and they bring you out to see dolphins. Some also have character themes such as Pirates shows or jungle themes with so much entertainment that is fun for kids.

We usually find discounted tickets for the boat rides on Groupon. Check out my blog post on:

This will help you to find even more ways to save on fun activities to do with kids.

Dolphins and ice cream boat tour.

9. Corn maze or strawberry field

This is something fun that you can do as a family. It is usually available around the fall season, or sometimes in spring. Find a local corn maze or explore a strawberry field that is packed with activities to do for the entire family.

Strawberry picking is fun because afterward, you can bring your selections home to enjoy. The corn maze is a lot more for adventure as your family tries to find their way through the corn maze.

It is a fun activity to do because you can definitely tell which person is good at navigation and which person will get us lost (hint: That would be me!).

10. attend a sporting game

I am not a typical sports fan, however, I love to attend sporting events even if I have no idea what’s going on. I am just thrilled with the excitement of people cheering on their favorite sporting teams.

My kids are now aware of sports and are exploring the different sports that they want to play, so this mom will have to learn the sports in order to help support their choice of sporting activity later on. Dad is already a sports fanatic so it’s just going to be me learning what I can while they enjoy the games.

So far we have brought the kids to watch baseball, which they were happy to have scored free tickets to as part of their summer reading programs. Boy were they thrilled when they got to the game. They loved the excitement, the food choices, and the activities that they had to do around the field.

So we have decided as a family to make it routine to visit different sporting events as often as we can in order to help them learn different sports.

Overall I do hope that you have found one or more fun activities to do with kids that you can try as a family to bring more fun and excitement into your everyday lives.

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