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    7 Ways To Teach Kids How To Write

    Writing is an integral part of learning as your child progresses towards kindergarten level. Once your child gets to kindergarten, it is a requirement that they can: I call the kindergarten stage the beginners’ stage where everyone starts at different levels depending on their prior skills learned while at home or in daycare or pre-school. My eldest son has finished kindergarten, yeah me! However, based on my experience with him during e-learning, I highly recommended teaching your child how to write. Kindergarten is definitely a little more fast pace than pre-school and the learning curve can be high or even challenging depending on the expectations of the teacher or the…

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    Getting Your Child Ready For Kindergarten

    Is Kindergarten is already approaching around the corner for your 5-year-old, or soon to be 5 years old before September of the current year? Where did the time go? It was not so long ago that you were probably like myself oohing and aahing … and wiping their little snotty noses with such joy. But now, you are getting ready for kindergarten with your child. As the time approaches, however, for some parents it’s a withdrawal nightmare, while for others, they are bursting with excitement and can’t wait to send them packing. I think for most of us as moms our biggest worry is if they will be ready for…