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Tools To Invest In For Bloggers

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If you are interested in starting a blog, or a website for your business, then I would definitely recommend a few tools to invest in that have helped me to grow my business, and also what I will need later on as I expand further in my business.

Do you also have tools that you use for your business? Please feel free to also share your own ideas, or ask your questions or concerns below. I will be happy to help you!

“The tools that I use as a blogger is key to helping me grow in my business.”

1. own website

Of course, a website is essential for a blogger when getting started. You can get a website starting out for free, for example with Wix, which is the platform that I previously used until I was able to afford my own website. They offer a free version with their logo at the bottom.

However, having your own website is a lot more practical long term, than just having a free website. The goal is to transition into something permanent and that’s yours to keep.

Therefore invest in yourself and purchase a website that you can have for years to come, that is yours. I now have WordPress that is hosted on SiteGround. I like SiteGround because it gives me so much more features at a more affordable price than other hosting companies.

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Also, another key to owning your own website is that you can also sell products on them as well. For instance, if you want to sell products that I have available on my website, for example, mugs, hats, etc. that are outsourced through Printful, you can do that on your website.

For ideas or inspiration do explore my Mommy Inspired Products.


Cost can vary depending on your choice of companies, whether Wix or WordPress. Wix offers a quick startup website that can be done initially for free and then charges for an upgraded website. WordPress has to be hosted and therefore you have to pay for a hosting company like SiteGround for your website. However, the website is owned by you and not by a website builder like Wix.

If you want to know more about how I started a blog, visit my blog post:

2. Go daddy

Go Daddy is a website development company that offers a variety of services for getting your website started. They are highly reputable and have services from getting a domain name to website hosting and others. I have used them in the past for a domain name, I previously purchased.


The cost varies depending on the type of services that you need for your blogging journey. Visit their website for more information.

3. Canva

Canva is a great tool to use as a blogger. It gives you access to almost everything you may need for your blog. It is my go-to for creating beautiful Pinterest images, that I can showcase on my social media platforms. I have also used it for making my book cover page and also for advertising blog posts on my social media. It is one of my favorite tools to use and I absolutely recommend it 100% because of the ease of use.

Canva is available for free and also a paid version. I highly recommend the paid version, because you get access to so many valuable tools and resources that can benefit your blogging career for a long time.


Canva is free and can also be paid for monthly or yearly at $12.99 a month or $119/year.

For ideas or inspiration do explore my Mommy Inspired Digital Products and Wall Art that I have made on Canva.

4. Grammarly

I love using Grammarly! It’s my absolute favorite tool to use for correcting my grammar and helping me to write with more confidence, knowing that my errors are being caught, before typing my blog post.

It’s also free to use and can be on your computer, cellphone, and even your Word document. I use this resource to write all my blog posts and definitely don’t need an expensive editor to check all my posts before I send them. I have also used it to write my book, “I Am Who God Says I Am”, to catch any potential errors before publishing.


Grammarly is free to use but you can also purchase the paid version at $12 a month or $144 a year.

5. printful

I use Printful to get my Mommy Inspired Products out on the market. They easily integrated with my website, making it much easier to sell my products. I use them to provide the raw material for my business, for example, caps, and mugs.

They also have a wide variety of products such as t-shirts, wall art, etc. that you can use to sell products on your blog. You can design directly from the Printful website, or you can use Canva to make designs for yourself.

For ideas or inspiration, do explore my Mommy-Inspired Products.


Printful is actually free to use. There is no upfront cost to put your designs on their products and sell them to potential buyers. You will be paid the difference between the cost of the product, minus your markup cost.

For example, a t-shirt may cost $11 to be made with your design printed on it (They will only take their charge after the T-shirt is sold by you). You can then sell the t-shirt for $20 and get paid $9, which is the markup amount you choose to advertise your T-shirt for.

6. Fiverr

Whenever you need to outsource any jobs for your blog, for example, setting up a blog that you may need more expertise to do, I highly recommend outsourcing it to Fiverr.

Fiverr is one of the most popular sites that you can use as a blog to get difficult tasks accomplished quickly and for way less than businesses may charge especially as a newbie blogger. Most persons start by joining an outsourcing company to promote their services to their target clients, while also gaining experience (if it’s new to you).


Depending on your choice of work to be done and the cost of the person who will do your work.

7. teachable

Teachable is a great company to use if you’re interested in learning anything about blogging and also to start your own online courses for your potential clients. I have used it primarily for learning, however, I also plan to utilize it later for creating my own courses.


Teachable is free to use, however, you pay for the courses you would like to learn about.

If you decide to start your own courses, then It ranges from free for basic features up to $399 per month for advanced features.

8. Quickbooks

As your business progress, you will need accounting management software for your business needs. Quickbooks is a very reputable company and offers many programs that your company will need as it grows.


Quickbooks starts from $12.50/month and up, depending on the features that you need.

9. Turbotax

Turbotax is a tax software company that can help you to file your taxes for your business, independently. They also now offer an advisor who can also help you to file your taxes.


Turbotax starts from free for basic taxes up to $199 for self-employed, if done on your own, and $389, if done with an expert.

10. Squarespace

Squarespace is a wonderful company to use for any financial transactions that have to be done. They helped me to set up my blog to accept charges from any transactions that I receive. They also offer a free Squarespace credit/debit card transaction machine that you can take with you anywhere to also charge for items that you sell.


Squarespace is free to use and only charges you if a sale is being made on your website.

11. adobe

Adobe is a very good and reputable digital software that is good for making anything, from images to videos, etc. It is required if you need more advanced work to be done, depending on the type of blog that you choose to do.

Adobe is the creator of Photoshop (digital editing software), Lightroom (photo-editing software), Illustrator (vector graphic software) and so much more. These are some of the most popular tools that are definitely needed for bloggers.


The cost depends on the type of software that you need. They can all be purchased individually or in a complete bundle with all the Adobe software for $52.99/month.

I definitely recommend starting with Canva first and as your business grows to transition to this software, in order to do a lot more.

12. skillshare

Skillshare is another platform that you can use to find expert help with your blog in any area that you need help with that is outside your expertise.

Skillshare can also be used as a platform to teach courses that you may have developed in any area of expertise that you want to share.


Skillshare cost $159.99 per year for teams from two-person and up, and covers unlimited access to courses.

Teaching on Skillshare is actually free! Therefore if you have a class in mind that you can do on the side, then this is a platform to use with your expertise.

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Did you find the strategies listed in this article helpful? What were some of your favorite tips? How have they worked for you? Leave a comment below, I’d love to know what you think.

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